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Release 3.2.10 (macOS) and 3.3.3 (iOS)

• Written by Yi Lin

GreenBooks 3.2.10 for Mac and 3.3.3 for iOS were just released. Here are what changed.

Compatibility with macOS Ventura and iOS 16

The main purpose of this release is to make both the macOS and iOS apps compatible with the latest operating systems from Apple: macOS Ventura and iOS 16.

Both apps have been fully tested with the latest operating systems and work perfectly.

Remember Last Date

We added a new feature that makes the date field “sticky” as you enter new transactions. This makes it much easier to enter a bunch of past receipts in a row. Doing so was difficult in the past because you have to change the date on every transaction you enter.

How does it work?

  1. Choose Remember Last Date from the menu. This will enable sticky date behavior until you restart GreenBooks or turn off this setting.
  2. Enter transactions as you normally would. You will notice that if you change the date, the next transaction you enter will be automatically set to that date, so you don’t have to change it everytime.

Ability to import Quicken QMTF file

Many of our users were Quicken users. They found GreenBooks because they want a simpler and better designed finance app on their Mac.

Unfortunately, Quicken for Mac no longer exports data in the QIF format. Instead, the QMTF format is used.

This version of GreenBooks adds support for importing QMTF file so old Quicken users can easily migrate their data. over.

Better visibility of deposit amounts

An user wrote me and said he has a hard time reading the green deposit amounts in the Mac app because it has a faded green that’s hard to see.

So, I tweaked the color to make it darker and I think it looks much better now. Sometimes a small thing does make a big difference.

Always show cents in accounts list

In the past, the default behavior for accounts list in the sidebar (Mac) and in the accounts screen (iOS) hides cents. You’d have to go into settings to change it to show cents.

However, I realized almost everyone wants to see cents in accounts list. So I made that the default behavior and removed the corresponding setting.

Other bug fixes

There are also a few bug fixes for the Mac app.

  • Fixed bug where “Show Inactive” link on the sidebar is not clickable.
  • Handle foreign encoding properly in CSV file imports.
  • Handle import of QIF files that have splits that don’t add up to the transaction amount. Before, this would cause the import to fail. Now, GreenBooks will automatically create an uncategorized split to make up for the difference.

That’s all! I hope you enjoy this release.

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