Quick Start Videos

Learning a new software can be intimadating. While we make GreenBooks as intuitive as possible, it is nice to still have someone walk you through its key usage. And, if you are still on the fence about whether GreenBooks is for you, these videos show you what GreenBooks can do.

Add Accounts into GreenBooks

To start using GreenBooks, you want to add all of your financial accounts into the app. This video shows you how.

Entering Transactions

Entering transactions is something you do everyday. GreenBooks makes it easy and fast.

Split a Transaction

Sometimes a transaction doesn't just belong to one category, instead it belongs to multiple categories. That's when you would "split" a transaction.

Transfer Money

It's easy to transfer money between accounts in GreenBooks. This video shows you how.

Multi Currency

GreenBooks supports all the currencies in the world. You can create accounts in any currency you want.

Store Return

Many apps don't handle store return properly. GreenBooks does it right, this video explains how.

Edit Multiple Transactions At Once

By batch editing multiple transactions at once, you can quickly clean up that transactions list, categorize imported transactions and more.