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Import from AppmacOS

Unlike Import from Bank, which is used to import transaction activity download from your bank and reconcile it against your pending transactions, import from app let’s you import transactions exported from another application.

When you import from app, no reconciliation happens.

With import from app, you can import more fields, such as the transaction’s category or note.

There are two cases where you can use import from app.

  1. First-time migration of data from another app
  2. Routine transfer of transaction from another source

First-time migration

If you have used a finance app before GreenBooks you may want to import data from that app into GreenBooks before you start using GreenBooks. For this, the QIF format is preferred, although CSV works as well.

Also, for the QIF format, if your app allows you to export all accounts into a single file, choose that option; it will save you the hassle of importing one account at a time.

After you have exported the file, select File > Import from App from the menu to import it into GreenBooks.

Routine transfer

CSV is a good intermediary file format for importing data into GreenBooks. You may sometimes want to tabulate some data in a spreadsheet app like Numbers or Excel, export it as CSV and import it into GreenBooks.

The process is the same, just select File > Import from App from the menu to kickstart the process.