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Setapp Direct Connect Reset Policy

If you are a Setapp user who uses the Direct Connect feature, we have to reset your Direct Connect connection if the you haven’t opened the app for more than 20 days.

The reason for this policy is because GreenBooks relies on Plaid to provide connection to your banks. Because Plaid charges us a monthly fee for each connected bank, and we provide Direct Connect at no additional charge for Setapp users, it’s important that we “clean up” connections that are no longer active.

As a result, if you don’t open GreenBooks for more than 20 days, we have to reset your Direct Connect connection in order for us to control cost. But don’t worry, your account data will remain. You just have to setup Direct Connect again for your accounts.

So, to keep your Direct Connect alive, please make sure to open GreenBooks at least once every 20 days.

For non-Setapp (App Store) users, this policy does not apply. As long as you have Direct Connect subscription, your Direct Connection connection will be kept alive forever.